Video: Rendering update #2

Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Terasology | 1 comment

Here’s a collection of the most recent features I’ve contributed to Terasology. As you might have guessed… Those are mostly rendering related.

One of the most important additions is the support for deferred shading in addition to the forward shading path. This allows us to render a large amount of different light sources with varying properties (like range, attenuation, color and type).

Video: Oculus Rift live demo

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This weekend I’ve been working on adding support for the Oculus VR device to Terasology. The results are quite stunning (if you ask me)! The game now features full stereoscopic rendering (including lens correction) as well as tracking of the head movement using the sensors of the Oculus.

And of course… Here’s a short video of me walking around in Terasology with an Oculus on my head.

Video: Leap Motion preview

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Ever wondered how Terasology would work using a Leap Motion device? If that’s the case… Here’s a first prototype of how a touch-less control scheme could look like in Terasology. The content of the video has been generously contributed by @Cervator.

Video: Dynamic Shadows

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Terasology has been supporting simplified shadows for chunks (and thus blocks) almost from the first few hours of the project on. But since those shadows are based on the cellular lighting system, the actual direction of the sunlight can not be dynamically altered – at least not without making the calculations of the lighting overly complex.

To add dynamic shadows to the scene, which actually change with the movement of the sun, I’ve added support for shadow mapping. The system works using a directional light source oriented according to the position of the sun (which is already used to render the sun in the skysphere for example).

Video: Advanced water rendering

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I’ve been working on improving the water effects in Terasology lately. While adding support for multiple normal map layers to form the water surface, I’ve also added a simplified approach for simulating ocean waves.

The waves are generated by displacing the vertices of the water surface using multiple layers of combined sine and cosine function approximations.

Video: Motion blur

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Time for another video! This time I’ve added support for camera motion blur to the game. Doesn’t the movement of the camera feel much more fluent this way?

I’ll add an option to disable it later on – I know there are some people out there who are not the biggest fans of the effect. :)

Video: New style?

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Here’s short video showcasing some of the latest rendering effects I’ve squeezed into Terasology. Altogether this might be a first start to form the games own style.

Wonder if anyone actually notices the light shafts in the video…