Milestone 3 complete :-)

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It’s that time of the month again – when we actually poke our heads out from dev work and goofy RL getting in the way for more dev work and update the blog, yay! Still lots more updates to see in the forum or on GitHub, also some on ye ole Twitter

We finally have a fancy Entity System, thanks to Immortius, huzzah! And a nice world browser built on top of an overhauled GUI framework by Anton/Adeon/Small-Jeeper, yay! The ES is a very important core system that is now also helping us persist everything beyond the plain blocks and such in the world. It also allows us to get fancy, so we now have functional chests, woo! You can move items in and out of the chests (activate with the ‘e’ key) and even destroy the chest, picking it up, placing it elsewhere – and it still has the stuff in it! Revolutionary, I know. Can place chests within chests within chests at the moment – that’ll change. Get a chest using the console (tab key) and the following command:

giveBlock “Chest”

This is just the first nifty little thing we can do with the ES, the creative options explode from here on out :-)

With Milestone 3 complete the next one up is “Interaction” during which we intend to introduce creatures and further, well, interactions! We have already done some prototype model system work, just need to flesh it out some more. Inventory will likely be made fully functional (at last!) and maybe we’ll try to make an actual crafting system functional. The world needs to start gaining some character, which we’ve been discussing at length in the forum. Not too far down the road we also have some work on extensibility to go further with. Javascript for a modding system? Crazy like a fox, but maybe it’ll work!

Meanwhile first thing is a top level directory restructure – that’ll hit develop soon, at which point a full local workspace refresh is probably a good idea for anybody working with source (whack everything and pull fresh via Git)

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