Overall project update!

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Giant mountain-eating weaponry aside it’s been a while since a major update here! Have sort of been buried under hectic activity. So here’s a massive link dump for stuff that’s been going on lately.

Stable release 0.2.3 was released just shy of a week ago with a slew of changes in it. Downloads are available now on a new snazzy wiki page with additional details. The team has grown nicely, some of which may have been announced before, with Immortius joining up as architect, currently working on an Entity System, t3hk0de helping there and with persistence too, which KaiKratz is also tinkering with when he’s not busy making WMDs. Exile is still churning out music and SFX, rapodaca got us set up with Gradle and fancy inventory pieces, and basic AI also popped up along with a fancy audio system (those two also thanks to t3hk0de)

We’ve started using IRC regularly (#terasology on Freenode) and you’ll find us there quite often, with an informal weekly gathering on Saturdays in the late afternoon EST (European evening, Russian post-midnight, Australian Sunday morning). We’re also trying to get more up to speed with unit testing and Javadoc. We had a nice story in the forum by an unlikely but promising contributor. Blocks started chasing you around, the applet got updated, you can now take screenshots with F12, tinker with camera settings, and.. there’s probably more, but I’ve spent enough of the evening already writing this! :-)

We’re closing in on Milestone 3 – Persistence being finished, after the first one got renumbered as 2 to match GitHub numbering. After that lots of architecture to finish up culminating in a fully functional Entity System and multiplayer after that!

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