Posts made in December, 2011

Starting into the new year: Blockmania becomes Terasology

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After searching for a fitting name to replace the working title Blockmania for a while, we have finally settled on one of the first ideas that came up: Terasology, a name derived from the words teras (from latin monster) and logia (from latin study). A hack on Anthropology so to say. We have moved a lot of stuff around and also switched over to a new company profile on GitHub. Make sure to update all your bookmarks! If some links are pointing to the wrong location make sure to send me a short note or leave a comment in this thread. Thank you! And… a happy new year to everyone!...

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German gaming magazine PC Games mentioning Blockmania

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The German gaming magazine PC Games has published a small article on Blockmania in a listing of the best available “Minecraft clones” on its homepage. Nice! Link to the article

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Potential project rename

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So we’re considering renaming the project for assorted reasons – things are getting more serious and Blockmania needs the best name it can get Let your voice be heard!

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Video: Mountains!

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Making such a video is kind of hard when you are afraid of heights. The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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Opening the main Development forum

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After hiding away for a little while we’ve now exposed the primary Development forum to the public and invite anybody in for discussion on the existing or any new topic of relevance Don’t forget to introduce yourself as a contributor if you’re interested in joining the project! However, we make no promises that this eliminates the resident population of ninja code monkeys. Be ever...

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