Posts made in August, 2011

Video: Flight 2

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I’ve put a lot of effort in optimizing Blockmania the last days and tweaked the terrain generators quite a bit. This videos shows about 20-30 Minutes footage in fast motion. And I think I just got some ideas to generate biome like terrain variations…

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Video: Updates to the terrain generation process

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I’ve recently made some changes to the overall terrain and feature generation process. The landscapes are now much more consistent and interesting. But see for yourself…

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Status update on FractalTerrain: Generating complex terrain

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Here’s a screenshot of a demo project using the FractalTerrain library. In this example a very realistic and manifold landscape is generated by solely composing FractalTerrain-modules. This demo utilizes ridged multifractal noise, perturbation (using Perlin noise), Voronoi/Worley noise and some basic combiner modules. In addition the thermal weathering filter has been applied to the final terrain. I’ve also updated the lighting and the procedural texture blending of the terrain...

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Free high-definition skybox

Posted by on Aug 21, 2011 in Archived | 1 comment

For the latest screenshots of my FractalTerrain module I used some skybox I found some time ago. Yesterday I got a myself copy of Vue 9 (the low priced Esprit edition) and rendered a new skybox using its exceptional spectral atmosphere model. I tried to give the sky a very stylized and unique look during post-processing… And because I like the result so much, I have updated the images in my previous post (and added two additional pictures). I’m releasing the skybox under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The package contains the unaltered renderings as...

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Status update on FractalTerrain: Mountain features

Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Archived | 1 comment

I’ve put a lot of effort into the FractalTerrain module in the last couple of weeks and I made good progress since the last post. Since then I’ve implemented a couple of more Noise generator modules (like a Worley noise module for example) and improved the procedural multitexturing of the terrain meshes. I’ve also added some simple water shaders and a nice-looking skysphere. Also new is a landscape module, which generates some small terrain chunks (like Blockmania does) to support the fast generation of vast landscapes using multiple cores. For the volumetric part...

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