Posts made in May, 2011

Light sources

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Today I finally added a second light-layer to Blockmania which allows the implementation of (block) light sources (like torches and lava). Luckily this was not as much work as I expected it to be. Note that light can’t be removed once it spread across the surrounding chunks. I’ve got the basic algorithm ready, but I still need to figure out an efficient way to apply this process to...

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Nightly builds and some notes

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I’ve just implemented a simple mechanism that creates a binary package of Blockmania every night. The package contains everything necessary to run the current builds on any platform. The launch script, which can be used to smoothly run the Java application with one click, is currently only available for Mac OS X. But since it is a simple bash script, it can be easily ported to any other platform available (so feel free to do so). I’ll add scripts for Windows and Linux in the near future and maybe some real launchers later on. The nightly builds can be accessed from the...

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Bachelor thesis and paper

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I’ve just added my bachelor thesis (on the subject of iPhone application development) and a small paper (on the subject of real-time depth of field effects) to the content sections of this blog. Both are written in German.

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Welcome to the new ‘Moving Blocks!’ blog!

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I’ll use this blog to keep you posted on my personal projects and especially Blockmania.

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